The UK’s leading energy traders

Outlook Energy is a leading energy trading house specialising in intraday and day-ahead power trading. We use a range of proprietary strategies and technology to buy and sell power 365 days a year. Our trading also helps ensure a stable energy grid, an efficient market, and reduced costs to consumers.

Effective energy

Keeping the lights on is the result of a nation-wide balancing act. Energy production must match demand in real-time to maintain a functioning energy grid. Short-term energy markets play a vital role in ensuring that the grid can respond to changes in generation and demand. As renewables gain market share, our trading becomes critical to using this energy effectively.

Insightful planning

Shortfalls and surpluses are a common feature of any energy grid. Generators break down, the weather changes and forecasts are never perfect. Last-minute actions to fix these imbalances are expensive. Having no response at all could result in nation-wide blackouts. At Outlook Energy, our goal is to respond quickly to fluctuations in generation and demand using innovative and smart technology. We trade so there can be a reliable supply of energy for the consumers.