Renewable vision

We are fortunate to work in an industry where profit is correlated with increased renewable generation. Effectively, our trading activities directly affect the type of energy a country consumes – more accurate trading decisions increase the likelihood that National Grid can utilise technologies such as the wind rather than relying on gas or coal.

Efficiency focused

In order to balance the electricity grid, National Grid has to instruct generation units to increase or decrease power – the cost associated with these actions are covered by all consumers in the UK via their electricity bills. Outlook’s trading activities are only profitable if we are helping to reduce the workload on National Grid - this means that we are financially incentivised to help National Grid and, thereby, play a part in reducing consumer energy bills.

Wilding project

A large number of the team at Outlook are born, bred, and educated in the Southwest of England and, therefore, we would like to help maintain and improve this fantastic area. Having sponsored some research by the University of Aalborg in Denmark into how best to go about rewilding, in September 2021 Outlook bought 10 acres of unused farmland that is adjacent to a 100 acre native woodland (Holyford Woods local nature reserve, Devon). This area currently undergoing a rewilding project to increase biodiversity and act as a carbon sink – in time we hope it will become an extension of the existing woodland.