Renewable vision

We are fortunate to work in an industry where our profits are positively correlated with renewable generation. Effectively, our trading activities directly affect the type of energy a country consumes – more accurate trading decisions increase the likelihood that National Grid can utilise technologies such as the wind rather than relying on gas or coal.

Efficiency focused

In order to balance the electricity grid, National Grid has to instruct generation units to increase or decrease power – the cost associated with these actions are covered by all consumers in the UK via their electricity bills. Outlook’s trading activities are only profitable if we are helping to reduce the workload on National Grid – this means that we are financially incentivised to help National Grid and, thereby, play a part in reducing consumer energy bills.

Our approach

As well as creating a lively and supportive environment for our team, we support a range of initiatives locally and internationally that are aligned with our shared passions.

Education and the environment are both crucial to the Outlook Energy story, and our charitable activities are focused on these core themes, and on projects where we feel we can have the most positive impact.

As well as making financial donations to schools, universities and research institutions, we aim to recruit junior talent from universities in the South-West, championing the region as a centre for high-tech and high-skilled jobs.

Wilding project

In 2021, Outlook purchased land adjacent to Holyford Woods, a 100 acre native woodland in Devon.

Following research by students at the University of Aalborg on the best approach to rewilding the area, the area has been planted to act as a carbon sink and increase biodiversity.

Bath Studentship

Outlook founders Dave and Ben met while studying at Bath University and they maintain close ties to the university.

For the next three years, Outlook will provide funding for a PhD studentship at Bath’s Centre for Mathematical Biology, supporting a student who might not have otherwise been able to afford a PhD with tuition and living costs.

Charitable Foundation

In 2022, Outlook’s founders began the process to form a charitable foundation based in Denmark, focused on supporting environmental causes and furthering academic research into climate solutions.