Careers with energy

At Outlook Energy, we believe that finding the right employees is critical to our continued success. We strive to provide a casual yet dynamic environment where successes are celebrated and rewarded. Every member of our team plays an essential role and can see how their work directly improves the company’s results.


Our in-house suite of bespoke software tools gives our traders all the pieces of the UK energy market “puzzle” – a trader’s job is then to fit these pieces together as accurately as possible. This combination of software and traders has allowed Outlook Energy to become the most successful company who operate in the short-term UK power markets. The key traits required to be a successful trader are a competitive mindset, ability to think quickly and being a team player.


Outlook’s trading performance is as dependent on the teams that improve and develop our suite of software tools as the traders themselves. These data scientists ensure we continue to make sense of the ever-increasing volumes of data we collect, develop tools that improve decision making and identify new market opportunities.


Our technology team is the backbone of the company. Here their role is to create bespoke software and IT infrastructure, operations, monitoring and more. We value simplicity, stability and creativity when building the tools to keep us running 24/7.